Moorfield Community Primary School’s new headteacher got in touch with us to help them refresh the whole school with some brilliant branding.

They wanted us to create a cohesive look throughout the school with signage and wall displays to promote the school’s new vision and ethos. We created a new look which invigorated and refreshed the school’s appearance and projected a real feeling of school community and identity. A new parent information board helped create a sense of involvement for visiting parents. Navigating around the school for pupils, staff and parents became a much more fluid experience.

From stationery such as letterheads, compliment slips and business cards to information leaflets and a new prospectus we were able to bring the school’s new outlook to life. Our photography shoot gave Moorfield Primary a chance to make the most of the new school environment and showcase the school to prospective parents through printed and digital media as well as the new signage and wall displays.

With the school’s new look firmly in place a new website was designed and constructed that was responsive to the ongoing changes in digital technology and the ways in which we now view digital media.

Moorfield now feels like a whole new school with a strong identity and vision to inspire the whole school community.

Directional signage to help people around the school.

Welcoming and directing visitors around the school with signage.

Door graphics unique to you using the school's brilliant branding.

Create a sense of identity and show off your brilliant branding using these door graphics.

A multi pocket school staff board.

Introducing visitors and pupils to their school family.

A welcome sign for school visitors.

Welcoming visitors around the school with bespoke signage to meet your requirements.

Information board for parental school news.

Information boards are a great way to keep parents up to date with what’s happening in school.

Cut lettering welcoming visitors to the school.

Welcome visitors with modern cut lettering designed around your own identity.

Main school sign.

The school’s main sign. An important first impression for pupils, parents and visitors.

Directional signage for specific locations.

Help your school community move around more easily with individual directional signs.

External signage.

Our external signage is bespoke to your school.

Directional signage.

Help to keep everyone on track with signage around your school where it’s needed.

If your school is looking to refresh your brand or create a new brand that really reflects your school community then take a look at our school branding page