Selly Park Technology College for Girls is a designated high-performance specialist school in Birmingham. They wanted a school prospectus and school photography which reflected this status and be a starting point for the School’s brand identity.

The school prospectus design took on the diamonds from the school logo, using each one to showcase some of the school prospectus-photography from the shoot. This design formed the bedrock of the school’s brand identity. it has subsequently been utilised across the whole school

Services included:

  • School prospectus-photography
  • School Prospectus Design and artwork
  • Print


Selly Park school Prospectus

Selly Park school Prospectus welcome page


Science school prospectus-photography

Science school photography, Selly Park

Art school prospectus-photography

Art school photography, Selly Park

School prospectus cover

School prospectus cover, Selly Park

The school prospectus design was just the beginning…

We have been involved in a number of projects at Selly Park Technology College for Girls including:

If you would like to find out more out our school branding services have a look at our School prospectus page.