St Jude’s Catholic Primary approached us to help them create some sensational new branding for their school. We began by using one of our lesson plans which the teachers at St Jude’s applied to guide their pupils through the process of creating a logo. We would then take the best of the school childrens ideas as the basis for a new logo and then roll that out into the sensational new branding that St Jude’s were eagerly awaiting.

The lesson plan was a great success and the school was really pleased with the results the children had created. We took the chosen idea and developed it further and created a great new logo for the school. By using our lesson plan St Jude’s not only had a new, modern logo that really reflected who they were but they also had a logo that was quite personal to them. With the logo in place we then began creating banners and leaflets for the school to use to advertise their successes and inform prospective parents/carers about facilities they could offer such as St Jude’s pre-school. We also began work on some new signage for the school. Window graphics that were translucent shapes of children playing and enjoying being active were designed to go in the large classroom windows near the school entrance. This helped to visually bridge the outside and the inside of the school bringing them together as one environment. Using cut lettering we placed the words ‘welcome to’ near the main entrance of the school and beneath that a large outside wall display which was the school’s new logo. The use of the logo on such a scale was great, it created an immediate impact and told a story about the school in one simple visual outside wall display.

St Jude’s now have an identity and an environment that speaks to visitors and the school family about St Jude’s and its place in the local community.

A bold dynamic welcome wall display

A dynamic welcome display to greet pupils, staff and visitors alike

Window graphics featuring children

Window graphics bringing the outside and interior of the school together

The main entrance of the school with its new signage

The main entrance of the school now shines with St Jude’s new identity


Developing the new school brand further with a leaflet


A school banner featuring the school’s new look

If your school is looking to refresh your brand or create a new brand that really reflects your school community then take a look at our school branding page