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Outdoor Safeguarding Panels at St Matthew’s CE Primary School

Outdoor Safeguarding Panels at St Matthew’s CE Primary School screened childrens play areas as well as providing outdoor learning provision. Outdoor Safeguarding Panels are an effective way to screen all the outdoor areas of your school where children are playing or learning outdoors from passers by and the elements.

Our design team have worked closely with the leadership team at St Matthew’s CE Primary School to provide a range of bespoke Safeguarding Panels that provided security and a stimulating learning environment for the children.

Facing towards the school the displays focused on literacy and numeracy within the curriculum. These included vocabulary used in the mud kitchen, crates and planks, music and water play areas in both the FS1 and FS2 outdoor areas. In the sand and waters areas we also included measuring with water jugs and buckets.

Weather proofing and safety

Our Safeguarding Panels are weather proof and wipeable. Not only do these visually engaging panels give the children a bright, colourful environment, they also provide vital privacy, wind protection and shelter safeguarding them from the elements and passers by. They are fitted from the back with tamper-proof locking nuts and bonded plate.

Keeping pupils safe and happy

The staff and children love their new Safeguarding Panels. The outside play areas of the school are much safer and the child friendly panels add to the childrens learning experience. It has transformed the outdoor spaces at the school into a dynamic outside environment whilst providing all important security.

For further details and pricing download our brochure

If your looking to improve your outdoor learning provision please contact a member of our team to discuss your project. We can tailor packages to suit any budget, to give you an idea of cost please download the brochure. If you are looking for more of our products you can also see other case studies here.

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