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We hope the time you and your child spend with us will be both happy and successful. The

Grange Primary School is no ordinary place - it is a place that is focused on fostering life-

long skills and qualities. It is a wonderful school and the children are the very epitome of all

that is good about it.


to The Grange Primary School

We believe that education should be a partnership between pupils, parents, staff and

governors and that children learn more effectively when they see parents and teachers

working together in a cohesive environment.

We aim to provide a happy, purposeful, caring, friendly and stimulating environment

in which children are able to blossom, grow, achieve high standards, gain a sense of

independence and begin to realise their potential. Our philosophy on learning is that this

should be life-long, life-wide and life-deep.

Children are encouraged to take pride in their work, to work hard and to do the best

they can, at all times. High standards of behaviour and discipline are expected at this

school so that children, parents and staff feel both safe and valued as individuals.

The school is a warm and happy one, where self-esteem and confidence (without

arrogance) are developed and grown, where academic rigour is appropriate to the

child’s abilities and where people skills are extended to ensure that in life, your child will

be a major contributor to society.

We hope you will find this brochure helpful. If you needmore information do not

hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with you.