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Behaviour and discipline

Good to be Green – RAG (Red, Amber, Green approach)

The school has a positive approach to behaviour and discipline. Children are

supervised at all times and any persistent behavioral problems are discussed with the

relevant staff.

We praise good work and behaviour at all times - in class, in assemblies, throughout

the whole school, including the playground. We award stickers and certificates to

support good behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour is usually dealt with by the class

teacher using agreedmeasures such as loss of privileges or separating the pupils

in class. More serious offences are dealt with by the Headteacher, Head of School,

Head of Pastoral/Inclusion or a member of the Senior Leadership Team and in such

cases parents are informed to enable school and home to work together to resolve

the problem. We also have an Inclusion Team and Pastoral Teamwho support us in

this area.

We expect all children to behave well and respect the school

rules. Bullying and aggressive behaviour are unacceptable

and should be reported so that it can be dealt

with quickly.

And Finally...

We make every effort to run the school in an efficient and effective way, with the needs of

the children and staff placed firmly at the top of the list of our priorities. However, there

may be occasions when you are concerned about an issue at school. Please let us know! If

you wish to discuss a matter at length with any member of staff, please arrange a mutually

convenient time.

The Grange Primary School is very much a team, which includes all staff, children, parents/

carers, governors and the wider community. Your association with us will be most effective

when it is fully included in all that the school provides – this is an area we pride ourselves in.

Awarmwelcome to The Grange Primary School.