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About our school

The Grange Primary School is a two-form entry school situated not far from

the centre of Scunthorpe town on Cornwall Road, Ashby. Until June 2016,

we were located across two sites. Our site is secluded in a quiet area, on

extensive grounds with a large games field, which provides opportunities for

a wide range of sports and environmental projects.

Our building has two floors. The ground floor houses:

Main office

Two halls – multi-purpose

Kitchen - where all meals are prepared and cooked

Foundation Stage 1 and 2

Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2

Medical Room

Well stocked Learning Resource Centre

Two group rooms known as Rainbow Rooms used for small group

intervention work including speech and language therapy,

phonics, nurture, inclusion and pastoral workshops.

The first floor houses:


Key Stage 2 – Years 3 to 6


Three Rainbow Rooms


Two DT/Practical rooms used for Art, Technology, Science

and Computing – multi-purpose rooms


Well stocked Learning Resource Centre

Our Learning Resources Centres (housing the library) operate

an electronic library system. Technology is used effectively

to enhance our pupils’ learning and to this effect we have a

state-of-the-art internet system, several networked computers, video conferencing

equipment and every teaching room has an up-to-date interactive teaching and learning

board to further enable whole class and interactive teaching. The Foundation Stage Two

(Reception) learning space has a very innovative interactive learning and teaching floor

with over 800 resources. We also have an extensive range of handheld innovative devices

that support our pupils with their learning.

The school has facilities to cater for disabled pupils and visitors (eg a lift for wheel

chair users) and ensures full access to the curriculum for all pupils with special

educational needs.

All classes are single age classes and as much as the budget allows, we try our best to

have small class sizes. This organisation can change from year-to-year depending on

the numbers within each age group. If we do have to have age-mix groupings, children

are taught the required balanced curriculum at their individual level by their own class

teacher, occasionally in subject sets or team teaching situations.

We work hard to ensure that our school is a place where outstanding teaching and

learning takes place, and that it has the reputation of a school that really cares for the

children and families in our community. When we refer to “our” school, we do not just

refer to the building but all those people who work within it and who bring their own

unique contribution to their duty of helping to equip our children for their future in this

ever rapidly changing world.