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Religious education,

daily assemblies and

collective worship

The school’s religious education programme uses the guidelines

of the North Lincolnshire’s Agreed Syllabus which has a multi-faith


There is a daily Assembly for every child which includes either Hymn

Singing, Key Stage or class assemblies or an Act of CollectiveWorship

of a broadly Christian nature appropriate to the family background,

ages and aptitudes of the pupils. Account is also taken of other

teaching and practices of other principle religions in Great Britain.

Emphasis is placed on developing a caring and tolerant environment

in which children accept responsibility for their own actions,

understanding that they all have a part to play in creating an excellent

school, where all have a chance to grow and flourish. We want

children to be aware of moral values, develop self-control, be kind,

considerate and respectful of other people’s feelings and culture.

Our school is proud to have such fantastic provision for pupils who need additional support.

In most cases of children with special educational needs, the National Curriculum is differentiated

appropriately to meet the needs of the child. Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs or

Education, Health Care Plans (EHCP) are catered for according to the requirements. All practices and

procedures are in line with the Code of Practice for SEN-D (2014).

The school does not discriminate in any way against children with disabilities, but positively encourages

their integration into mainstream school.

The school’s SEN-D Information Record and Policy, provides equal opportunities and additional

opportunities for SEN-D pupils to learn andmake progress according to need. The school also supports

‘looked after’ children - working closely with carers and social workers to ensure inclusion at all levels.

Teachers, in liaison with the SENCo, plan the provision and support for all SEN-D pupils.

We also have a number of highly trained Learning Assistants who deliver programmes of work,

specialising in speech and language therapy, autism, dyslexia, behaviour, occupational therapy and

counseling, to meet the needs of all our pupils.

Pupils with special educational

and disability needs