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Mural Design Ideas for Maths Wall Murals in Schools

An engaging school mural can transform your learning environment. Exciting and well-designed maths wall murals can bring the subject to life, helping to reinforce learning and memorise key mathematical theories.

A maths mural can be placed in the classroom, or used in corridors to extend the learning environment. It brightens walls, stimulates minds, and helps to prepare for upcoming lessons as pupils wait to enter the classroom.

To experience all the benefits of maths wall murals, you’ll need to incorporate best practice mural design ideas. Accomplish this, and you’ll bring colour and vibrancy to your school environment. Most importantly, you’ll create a school-scape that naturally taps into the subliminal education process – your students will be learning even when they are not being actively taught.

Where do you start? Here are five tips to design eye-catching, thought-provoking, and educational maths wall murals.

1. Understand How You Will Use Your Maths Wall Mural

The first step in the maths mural formula is to be clear about how you plan to use it. With clarity, you can put the theory into practice in several ways, including:

·  Interactive maths murals

If you want your mural to be used as a teaching aid, then it should be designed for interactivity. The teacher can use the mural in class to promote discussion and aid understanding. A bespoke wall mural in the maths class can be structured for use as lesson guides, too.

·  Subliminal education

Maximise those blank, boring school walls. Put them to use with a maths wall mural that pupils can’t help but notice as they pass or while they are waiting to be called into the classroom.

This is passive, subliminal education at its finest. It’s often quoted that information only really sinks in after the seventh time of hearing or seeing it. How many times do your pupils pass your school walls?

When brainstorming mural design ideas, make sure that your maths wall mural connects primary concepts and theories in a way that makes it easier for students to draw memorable relationships between them.

·  Additional learning resource

A maths wall mural can be an excellent resource for additional learning. It can be used by teachers when setting homework, or as a guide in lessons. Hunting out key information on a wall mural is more exciting than flicking through the pages of a textbook!

·  Engage curious minds

Children are naturally curious, and maths wall murals can engage that curiosity productively. The best ways to do this include using imagery and selective questioning on the mural that encourages a desire to learn more.

2.  Bring Maths to Life

Maths isn’t only a numbers game. It’s all around us. Your wall mural can help children to relate maths to their everyday lives. Examples might include:

  • Cash registers at the shops
  • The cost of living – how many sweets, magazines, or video games can a pupil buy with their pocket money?
  • How is football league position worked out, when two teams are on equal points?
  • For older students, how are braking distances worked out for driving test theory questions?

The secret? Look for ways that you can link maths with the things that are important to your pupils.

3.  Consider Where Your School’s Maths Mural Will Be

Where you locate your maths mural should also be considered. Will it be in the classroom, or on a wall leading to the classroom, for example?

When considering mural design ideas, you’ll need to think about the size (and shape) of the mural. Will it curl round a corner, or travel up a stairway? How well-lit will it be? Think:

  • Lighting
  • Colour
  • Mural landscaping
  • Key messages you wish to deliver

Our wall art designers have vast experience of designing maths murals for all situations. The answers to key questions they ask will help to provide the design parameters for your maths mural.

4.  Keep the Complex Concise!

Wall murals are a superb tool to reinforce the curriculum. They are not designed to replace it! Key information and details in an overloaded wall mural will get lost in the confusion of numbers and words, and equations and formulas. Therefore, when you are designing your maths wall mural, consider what key information is needed. Make sure there is space on the mural to let this information breathe and ‘pop’.

An organised and attractive mural is an effective learning resource. A poorly designed, confused, and jumbled mural is graffiti.

5. Align With Your School’s Branding

Last, but not least, ensure that your mural design ideas align with your school’s values, mission, and purpose. A wall mural is not only an opportunity to reinforce learning, but also a chance to communicate your school’s qualities to its pupils and visitors.

Maths Wall Murals That Add Up Within Your Budget

Still not sure where to start? Worried about blowing your budget?

Hop over to our case studies to see how other schools have tackled their needs with our guidance.

To learn more about how your school could benefit from wall art as an aid to the teaching and learning of maths, contact Design for Education.

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