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Product FAQs

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, we understand that some schools prefer to pay by invoice. When you get to the check out page simply tick ‘pay by invoice’ at the bottom of the page in the payments section. We will send you an invoice to pay within 7 days, then we can despatch your products.

Are they easy to install?

The panels are provided in manageable sizes although we recommend 2 people install the displays. The panels are simply screwed to the surface using wall plugs. We are happy to offer advice and guidance where needed.

Where can they be installed?

In short just about anywhere as long as you have a space long enough, although we can split the display over 2 or 3 walls if needs be. The displays can be mounted onto internal and external walls and wooden and metal fences. If you would like any advice please contact a member of our team.

What are the Key Events and who are the Historical People on the timeline?

The Big Bang
Solar System
Ice age ended
Mammoth population became extinct
Stone age
Bronze Age

Ancient History
Shang Dynasty
The Greeks
The Romans
Iron Age

Middle Ages
The Maya
The Vikings
The Islamic Golden Age

Early Modern
1066 Battle of Hastings
The Magna Carta
Christopher Columbus

Late Modern
Battle of Trafalgar
Elizabeth 1 crowned Queen of England
Industrial Revolution
Great Fire of London

World War 1
Women’s rights
World War II
Battle of Britain
Indian Independence Act
Queen Elizabeth II
Neil ArmstrongClimate ChangeCoronavirus
King Charles III

Local History
Client to Supply

Historical people
Ada Lovelace
Alan Turing
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander the Great
Alfred the Great
Amelia Earhart
Barack Obama
Charles Darwin
Christopher Columbus
Claudette Colvin
Edith Cavell
Emily Davison
Emmeline Pankhurst
Florence Nightingale
George Stephenson
Grace Darling
Greta Thunberg
Helen Sharman
Henry VIII
Ibn Battuta
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Julius Caesar
King Charles III
Louis Pasteur
Malala Yousafzai
Martin Luther King Jr.
Mary Seacole
Neil Armstrong
Nelson Mandela
Pharaoh Tutankhamun
Professor Stephen Hawking
Queen Boudica
Queen Cleopatra
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria
Rosa Parks
Samuel Pepys
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Winston Churchill
The Wright Brothers
Thomas Edison
William Caxton
William Shakespeare
William the Conqueror

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