Stunning signage and wall displays at Selly Park

Selly Park Technology College for Girls asked us to create some stunning signage and wall displays to compliment the existing brand we had developed for them. The outside of the school needed to reflect the new brand better and really promote the identity and presence of the school within the local community.

We identified with the staff at Selly Park where the new signage should be located and what kind of signage would work best in each location. We also produced a large banner sign that promoted some of the school’s great facilities which were available to the public for hire. The final results gave the school a real presence viewed from outside the premises and showed their dynamic visual identity to its fullest with the stunning signage and wall displays that they had been hoping for.

As well as signage we created wall displays within the school to promote the school’s values and ethos. Selly Park also wanted a vibrant staff board to introduce new pupils and visitors to the team working within the school. The reception area was also an important location the school felt they wanted to use to create a real sense of their identity as this was the portal into the rest of the school. The core values wall display that we designed and manufactured was a great addition to the reception area and really got across the character the staff and pupils at Selly Park had created.

The main doors into the reception area was another space Selly Park wondered if they could utilise better. We suggested using translucent window graphics which would be stylish as well as allowing people to see each other on either side of the doors. The final result was modern and informative as well as subtle and stylish.

Selly Park now has a learning environment within the school and outside that radiates all the very best of what Selly Park has to offer its pupils and community.

A dynamic new staff board wall display design

A dynamic new staff board wall display introducing the Selly Park team

Signage promoting the school's facilities

External signage promoting the school’s facilities to the wider community

Informative graphics in the glass of the school's main doors

External door graphics utilising an important space to great effect

Location signs outside the school

Location signs to welcome visitors into the school

Core values signage and wall displays

Core values signage and wall displays

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