In the Arnold Centre Day Care we pride
ourselves on providing a friendly atmosphere
and are committed to keeping your child safe,
secure and happy during their time with us. We
provide a variety of play activities and resources
in pleasant surroundings, both indoors and
outdoors and ensure your child is supported and
guided by experienced staff who recognise and
understand the needs of the young child.
At the Centre we know that you have already
given your child many experiences and have
taught them many things and we aim to build
on this. We provide a friendly non-judgemental
and caring environment where parents/carers
will feel able to share their child’s experiences,
discuss concerns and receive appropriate
support and advice. Staff at Day Care will
provide peace of mind for all parents/carers.
All staff actively support your child in their
learning, enabling them to reach their full
potential and our aim is to make you and your
child’s time in Day Care and Pre School as
enjoyable an experience as possible. We look
forward to a long and happy relationship with
you and your child. The Centre operates an open
door policy and the Day Care manager or key
worker is always available to see you if you have
any queries.
Partnership with Parents
Partnerships with parents/carers are at the heart
of our success as a centre and are very strong
and many services are provided as a result of
their input and their confidence in sharing their
needs with us. We promote a ‘can-do’, inclusive
philosophy and our ethos is one of sharing and
celebrating the achievements of all our children,
staff and families in a warm and welcoming
environment, conducive to learning. We provide
services and courses designed to encourage and
support parents/carers, raising their levels of
understanding and awareness of the importance
of involvement in their child’s education at
home and how much it impacts on learning. The
Centre offers a range of integrated services in
response to identified need. Education and care
are seen as a part of the whole Centre and our
work in supporting children and families through
the extended services all focuses on improving
attainment and life chances of our children.
Together as partners we can provide everything
a child needs to grow, develop and learn.
The Arnold Centre
Day Care and Pre School 2–3 years
“Learning is a magical
journey of exploration
& challenge to acquire
knowledge & understanding,
nurture curiosity &
achieve wisdom.”
The Arnold Team 2010
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