The Nursery school is situated within the main
building, there are three nursery rooms each run
by a teacher, a Senior, Lead and Early Years
practitioners. Our bilingual assistant works in all
three rooms and we employ a speech therapist
for one day a week. There are no differences
between the classrooms and children remain in
one room for their time in nursery. All children
access the outdoors together returning to their
own rooms for end of session. We offer places
for children with additional needs who live in
our reach area. The children are included in
all aspects of the curriculum and are placed
within the three nursery rooms to play and work
alongside their peers, bringing a special kind
of joy and richness to our Centre. We operate
a fully inclusive policy within our Daycare, Pre
School and Educational Nursery School.
As a Centre we aspire to achieve the highest
standards of care and education to meet the
unique needs of our children and families to
enable them to maximise their potential. We
The Arnold Nursery School 3–4 years
‘The Nursery School was judged outstanding in all areas in September 2014.’
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