Centre Aims
We will provide the highest quality education,
care and support for families, in a warm and
welcoming environment, where each individual
child, parent/carer and centre worker will be
consulted, respected and valued.
We will nurture and support them to achieve
their maximum potential to make safe and
healthy lifestyle choices, enjoy and achieve,
make a positive contribution to their community
and as they grow, improve their economic
We will have an awareness and understanding
of an individual’s needs and abilities;
acknowledging and celebrating their diversity,
successes and achievements to encourage all
centre users within the local community to
become lifelong learners.
Our Curriculum
Through our practice we aim to:
Provide a balanced curriculum, based on the
EYFS, across the seven areas of learning, using
play as the vehicle for learning.
Promote equality of opportunity, anti-
discriminatory practice and celebrate diversity.
Provide early intervention for those children
who require additional support or a more
challenging curriculum.
Work in partnership with parents and carers
in the nursery, pre-school and day care and
also within the wider context of the
Children’s Centre.
Plan exciting and challenging learning
experiences, based on the individual child,
informed by observation and assessment and
providing the next steps for learning.
Provide opportunities for children to engage
in activities that are adult-initiated or
child-initiated, supported by knowledgeable,
enthusiastic, well trained and qualified adults.
Have a key person approach to develop close
relationships with individual children.
Provide a happy, secure and safe learning
environment indoors and out that is rich in
language and promotes effective learning.
Our Statement of Purpose
’To provide a continuous
learning experience for all
children in an environment
which values equality of
opportunity, celebrates
diversity and promotes the
joy of learning.’
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